Poster Theatre Perfofmanse "Men deyerem min javana"
Perfofmanse "Men deyerem min javana"

The image of  "Meshadi Ibad" is always actual. And to this day in a society around and entirely there are cases of marriages between very young girls with elderly men. And this performance about an internal life of one university in which train in all except a science and knowledge.
Not absolutely young, but nevertheless not lost beauty, 30-year-old Gjulnaz, gets a job in this university. Also comes up against a situation in which that it is risen on a career ladder it is necessary to run into "favour" of the director. However instead of struggling with this situation, she on the contrary tries to join new collective. And instead of poor, but loving her Server, prefers to marry the rich old man-director of university, at the age of her father.

Ticket: 6-10 AZN Theatre musical comedy

Performance of Hungarian jazz star Aron Talas in Baku

One of the best jazz pianists in Eastern Europe, Aron Talas, as part of the Aron Talas Trio, performed on the stage of the Baku Jazz Festival 2019.

Famous Belgian jazz band Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio gave workshop and masterclass within the framework of the Baku Jazz Festival on October 20

The event aroused great interest on the part of Azerbaijani young musicians, who took an active part in communication with Belgian musicians.

On October 14, a press conference of the Baku Jazz Festival was held in Landmark

The press conference addressed issues of an open concert at the Maiden Tower, the festival’s beginning, the international contest of young performers "I’m Jazzman" and film part program of the jazz festival

Jazz contest for new stars

The aim of the international competition of young performers 'I am Jazzman' is to reveal the talent among young beginners musicians who obsessed by Jazz music.


Sophisticated art lovers and connoisseurs are waiting for the Baku autumn, with a wide variety of jazz improvisations