Poster Clubs
Dj Dlee in Baku!

On November, 15th, in club "Platinum Club", will take placethe party with participation of Moscow visitor Dj Dlee . The party will begin at 23:00, local time. The price of tickets within 30,50 and 80 AZN. The dopolnitelnouju information can be received, to numbers shown down, having communicated directly with organizers of a party - (+994 12 418-39-01, 597-07-47.

Dj Party

In one of the best night clubs of our city, in club not having analogue in Baku, will take place the Dj party with the participation, one of the best DJ`s of the country - Dj MANSUR, Dj KAVKAZ and Dj VUGAR.

Dj Miss ELLE already in Baku!

The party proceeds... In one of elite city clubs, will take place the DJ`s party . Remarkable Ms., hwo inflames parties of a disco-clubs of Moscow - Dj Miss ELLE will be the visitor of this action. We will remind that Dj - party has begun yesterday... The Place and time not changed...

Continuation of the Party!

Dear Baku peoples and inhabitants of our city, the party in the smartest club of capital, proceeds... Reminding that, the party started on november, 14th. With participation of the most class Dj `s, namely - Dj REDRUM, Dj THACO, Dj FANUR, will take place the party continuation.

"Crazy Party" in Dejavu!

To attention of fans of parties, presents a party under the name "Crazy Party" which will pass in club Dejavu. On a party where you can have a rest both soul, and a body, in a current all the evening long with you will be Dj Yapon.

RnB Mania Party!

To attention of fans of RnB-music: in one of the best clubs of capital, will take place the party under the name "RnB Mania Party!". In a current 7 hours continuations party, with you will be Dj SHOCK and Dj TWIST.

Wedding Party!

Under this name will be pass the masquerade party in Le Mirage, in one of elite night clubs. In a current all the evening long you are waited fascinating by show the program, competitions and prizes. Party under the name "Wedding Party!" starts at 23:00, and to be on it costs, if not in wedding dresses and wedding suits, then with attributes of those.

Championship on a karaoke!

On November, 10th, has taken place solemn opening of the championship on a karaoke. Each visitor who has reached of 18 age, can become the participant of the championship, having got the questionnaire of the participant, having filled it and having handed over in organising committee. Each participant can participate both on one of three genres and on all to three (songs from repertoire Azerbajdzhansko-Turkish, Russian, and other foreign platform).

Game over Party in Dejavu!

In one of the best night clubs of the country will pass Dj a party. The party under the name "Game over Party" starts at 22:59. In a current of all party with you will be Dj Wave.

Dj Party in Platinum

In one of the best night clubs of a city will take place Dj Party, with participation of the best DJs of Moscow - Dj York and Dj Scream One. Supposed participation of local DJs - Dj Shock and Dj Twist.

Schoolmates Party

To attention of fans of parties, this Saturday in Sound Factory Club schoolmates suit a party under the name "Schoolmates Party". The special visitor of a party will be Dj Feeler.

Barbie Party

Platinum Club represents a party - "Barby party", with participation Dj Vaise from 18.00 till 23.00, Dj Mansur, and also Dj Miss Flame c 23.00 till the morning. To girls and to steams enter is free. The most fashionable Baku djs will blow up a dancing, transforming a party into the holiday.

Ladies Night!

In one of the best night clubs of capital will take place Ladies Night! Dear ladies for you an entrance and drinks in a current of evening are free. You are expected by interesting show programs, hit music and dances.

Tri-Logic Night

On Saturday, on December, 20th unforgettable party Tri-Logic Night in three most popular clubs of Baku - The Platinum, Sound Factory, Le Chevalier at 20.00 will take place. An essence of evening – having visited and having had a rest in the first 2 clubs, you should put down a stamp in the firm ticket in each club that in turn gives the chance to you to come to be on final 3-tej to a party in club "Le Chevalier" where you can hear music of the most fashionable DJ of Moscow – DJ DenzO. Wishing to get invitation call to number (+994 55) 788-55-55.

Heineken night!

In one of the best night clubs of a city the party under the name - Heineken night will take place! All the evening long with you there will be the best DJs of the country - Dj Dark, Elec, Yapon, Feeler, MC Farid. We will notice that to girls an input free, + to all visitors - a bottle of free beer Heineken.

Living Room Club Opening Party!

This Saturday at restaurant Living Room club opening - Living Room Club will take place. The party with participation of DJs - Dj Tacho, Red Room, Narosh, McKoka (b-day) About it will take place.

Disco 80-th Party

The train of parties in one of the best night clubs of capital, in club Platinum, proceeds. On December, 26th, in the club will take place the party under the name "Disco 80-th Party", with participation Dj Vaise. We will note that an input for ladies and pairs is free.

Christmas party!

In one of the best pubs of a city will take place "Christmas party". You are waited fascinating Christmas by show the program, live music, both the most important thing is - the free drinks and snack.

Merry Christmass Party!

In one of the best clubs of a city, is more exact Cross Road club, will take place Merry Christmass Party! On a party you are waited fascinating by show the program with quizes, live music, dancing show of programs and free drinks. The special visitor of a party will be - Dj Till Morning!

Latino Party!

On January, 24th, in one of elite night clubs of capital, will take place the party under the name "Latino Party!". You are waited by the program interesting to show, hit music from Dj Narosh.



I amsterdam Bar & Chill
  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:28C,M. Mushfig str.
  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:64, Nizami str
Konti Pub
  • Kitchen:International
  • Address:117, Nizami str.
Mojito Beach Cafe
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  • Address:Bilge district (Amburan Beach)
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  • Address:Azadlig ave., m.28 May, "28 Mall" Shopping Center (4th floor)
Gallery For Kids
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