Poster Clubs
Woman Passion!

To attention of fans of parties and club parties, on December, 27th in the Metro-club, will take place Dj Party, with participation Dj Voice, Dj Sence Scape, Dj Extazy. We will note that, the input for girls is free.

Users’ New Year Party

To attention of Internet users! It is a party will pass under your sign! Your virtual acquaintances become your real passion, only this day and only in club “SOUND FACTORY”! All the evening long with you will be MC Farid, Dj Feeler, Dancer Girls. You are expected as competition - Miss and Mr Night, by free drinks, dancing competition and set of other interesting quizes in representation MC Farid …

Cocktail New Year Party

You like to taste the most refined cocktails from the best barmen of a city? Then this party for you! Cocktails prepared from the most known drinks. Barmen “R”, Free cocktail, MC Farid, Dj Feeler, Dancer Girls, and also the unforgettable fiery show, all kinds of exotic cocktails and other surprises expect you in club Sound Factory …

Techno New Year Party

We invite all fans of the Techno-music, on December, 29th at 18:00, on most eccentric the Techno-party of year! You are waited by unforgettable night filled with adrenaline, passion and boundless music! Do not miss chance to get to the Nirvana! Hurry up, places are limited! Dj Feeler, MC Farid, Dancer Girls, Laser Show, a projector, a smoke and as free drinks are provided.

New Year Party x2

The advanced and powerful sound system! Unforgettable laser show and light! Ideal acoustics! The most known and advanced DJ cities! Faultless barmen and incomparable koktejl-show! Gifts – drinks and different advantageous quizes! Show of girls! All it, only in club «SOUND FACTORY»!

New Year Parties in Sound Factory!

Wish to spend in a fantastic way new year! Then “Sound Factory” - that that you search for club! The most powerful and modern sound system of a city, unimaginable light and laser show, unprecedented "cocktail-shows" from skilled barmen, free drinks, magnificent acoustics, various quizes with gifts, show girls, and also entertainments till the morning with the best DJs of a city!

Tri-Logic Night

One of these days in capital the grandiose party, under the name "Tri-Logic Night" in 3 most popular clubs of Baku - The Platinum, Sound Factory, Le Chevalier has taken place. Each of these clubs has caused a stir the originality, unique show by the program and the quizes.

Women Passion 2 - Crazy Nigt Party

In one of the best clubs of capital, the super party under name Women Passion 2 Crazy Nigt Party will take place.

Digital Night!

Dear music fans and fans of club parties, 10 january in club Sound Factory will take place unforgettable party - Digital Night ! Special visitors at the party will be - DjFeeler and Elec Medov (Dj Yapon).

Glamours G & B Party!

Dear Baku peoples and visitors of our city, on January, 13th, we invite you in the best pub of a city to celebrate Old New Year, in the cheerful company of friends and acquaintances. A party with the name "Glamours G and B Party!" Promises to be unforgettable... In a current all the evening long with you will be Dj Flik!

Richmonte Party!

Dear Baku peoples and visitors of our city, only one day, and only in Stop Club, will take place the best party of New year, in honour of the world Day of youth! All the evening long with you there will be one of the best DJs of the country - Dj Sayem!

Miss Metro 2009!

Dear Baku ladies, take part in competition of the Underground of club, and become title holder Miss Metro 2009! You are waited fascinating by show the program, quizes, competitions, and also a disco till the morning with music of the best DJ of a city - Dj Eddie Flash!

St. Valentine Party!

Expensive enamoured, only on 14th of February, and only in club Le Mirage you are waited by the most fascinating show program, dances, quizes and prizes. Special visitors, on a party devoted to the world Day enamoured, will be Dj Flor, Dj Diego Holz and Dj Looper.

African Night Party!

To attention of admirers of exotic, on January, 31st in the best night club of capital, will take place the most exotic party. You are waited by the unusual show program with not less interesting name "African dress".

Live entertainment

To attention of music fans, from January, 19th till February, 14th in Baku, in bar Fly Inn, from Monday till Friday acts Irina Kostina from Moscow and Valerio Kriotoru from Kishinev every evening.

Host rock (experimental concert)

To attention to all fans of rock, only on 18th of January, in it is new opened concert hall of Tv club the experimental rock concert will take place.

All For Ladies

Dear ladies, for you and only for you, the most prestigious night club of capital - Platinum Club, suits every Thursday parties under the name "All For Ladies". We will notice as that the input for you is free. You are waited fascinating by show the program and dances under hits of the best DJs of the country.

Apple & R&B Star presents"R&B Party Vol.2"

In one of the best night clubs of the country, you are waited by an unforgettable party with participation of six best Dj`s of the country. Party under the name "R&B Party Vol" starts at 18:00. For you will expect presents and gifts from our sponsors. We will remind that for guys an input 15AZN, well and for a pretty half of floor an input absolutely free.

Body Art Fashion Party!

Dear friends, on January, 31st, in the best club of capital, will take place unforgettable show program... You are waited by display of the best hairdresses from a beauty salon "Kristis", an exhibition of works of artists - Gjuljara Banu and Ajly Gadzhievoj, and as demonstration of body-art and the best music till the morning.

New Generation Party!

To attention of music fans and fans of club parties: only on 30th of January and only in club Platinum, you are waited by a super party, with hits of last year performed by Dj Tacho, Dj Bikoo and Dj Diego Holz.



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