Poster Clubs
Ladies night Party

Shine Prodaction and Baku Deejays Label represents... On March, 7th in club Platinum will lift to squall of your mood: DJ Mansur, DJ Chin, DJ Fior, DJ Bikoo and MC Red Rogue. During a party it will be possible to take advantage of services Body Art from one of the best artists of a city. And also Moto Show and Hot Go Go Dancer...

Ladies party!

On the threshold of March, 8th in club Sound Factory will take place the super party for girls. As the sponsor of evening acts the world famous mark of perfumery and cosmetics - Prafums de France. The input is strictly prohibited to guys.

Ladies Night Party!

On the eve of a female holiday in one of the best clubs of capital the super party with DJs Extazy and Seym will take place. Enter for girls - it is free.

Best Party in Chill Club!

The best gift for the girl - to give her a chance to relax, have a rest in cosy conditions CHILL Club-a. A holiday Distinctive feature is that this day for our girls play DJ PANCHO, DJ TWIST DJ ELEC...

8 March Glamorous Night

Party in club Platinum "8 March Glamorous Night" waits for you with DJs Ikosh, Shock, Ghost Ansar. An input: girls, it is free guys 10 AZN.

A party in Le Mirage!

Super party in club Le Mirage with participation of DJs - Twist, Fior, Diego Holz. Show Master parties - Kjamran Razmovar. The input and a drink for lovely ladies - is free. It is spent Face control.

A Party in Jazz Centre

Parfums de France presents... In the Baku Center of the Jazz in Day of the International Female holiday will take place the party. An input only on steams.On a party the best hits of 60-80th years, competitions in honour of March, 8th, celebratory auction and lottery, and towards evening will sound super hits of 2008-2009th years. An input only only for pairs.

Gangsta Party!

Party with participation Dj Tacho and Dj Pancho and as Mc Reshka with Mc Koka will take place in club Living Room. On a party will sound the best hits Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B music. An input for girls - free.

VIP Party!

In Stop club will take place the super party with participation Dj Bikoo and DJ Seym. For girls an enter is free, to guys - 15 AZN, the VIP - 20 AZN.

Black Party in Chill club!

In newly made club Chill will take place the super party with participation Dj Twist and Dj Pancho. An input for girls - free.


Antivegetarians and fans of electronic 14th march waits for all grandiose spring MEAT-CABIN PARTY where in equal fight adorers DRUM&BASS and TECHNO will converge. Spring! It is time to love!!! And what love without women??!! What MEAT without gentle female hands???!!! Only on MEAT-CABIN PARTY - a spring female exclusive: the famous girl-DJ from Russia - DJ Butterfly and the Baku ringleader - Miss Flame. Well, and it is final, best "butchers" of Azerbaijan - Fior, Nez, Mansur, Rem, Islam.

"Novruz no name party"

Welcome a holiday "Novruz" in club Platinum. The party under the name "Novruz no name party" waits for you + a free buffet table and the best DJs not leave you indifferent.

"Kosa nosta" party!

Ladies and gentlemen we invite you to have a holiday of Novruz in club "Davinci". A theme of ours party it will be final Spring and consequently do not forget that you should are dressed on spring brightly and colourfully! You are waited by competition on the best dance, prizes and gifts from La parfumerie and Etalon Jenavi, auction, DJ Nemo (Мансур), MC Biggie (Chingiz Safarov) and many other interesting entertainments.

"Novruz Fire Party"

"Novruz Fire Party"! Under such name in honour of a holiday of Novruz the party atn club-restaurant "Living Room", with participation of DJs - Tacho, Bikoo, Rush, Ed, MC RedRogue ft. MC Reshka will take place. You are waited by interesting competitions, prizes and gifts! An input to girls - free, to guys - 15azn+tequila it is free!

RnB House from Dj Shock & Dj Mansur!

The party devoted to release of double CD of a disk from DJ Shock-a and DJ Mansura will take place in one of the best clubs of Baku "Platinum"! Getting a disk in shops ABC and Grand, you have an opportunity a free admission on a party!

"East Fires Party"

Club "Platinum" with the assistance of DJ ` s Fanur and Kavkaz represents "East Fires Party"! An input for girls - 16azn+Free drink, for guys-19azn, the VIP-25azn+energy drink! The stand up meal table and music of soul waits for you!

"Novruz Holiday Party"

"Novruz Holiday Party"! Under such name there will pass a party in honour of a holiday of spring Novruz! With you all the evening long DJ Seym, MC Ruhim and songs from singer Jashar! An input for guys 15azn, VIP-20azn+Red Bull, to girls an input free.

"Classmate in Chill"

We invite all classmate on mega party in club "Chill"! You are waited by unforgettable evening with participation of DJs DJ Twist, DJ Pancho, DJ Shock, DJ Azad Style! An input for girls- free.

"Black & White" party

We invite you this evening to an explosive party in style "Black and White". You will be waited by competitions, prizes, gifts, the best compositions from DJ China, DJ Narosh, Dj Nasirov, and also the barman - show and a classical guitar. Conditions of the Party - Black & White clothes!

"Classmate party"

Party under the name "Odnoklasniki" will shortly take place in new opened club "Mix". You are waited fascinating Go-go and show foam, music from DJ Fanur, DJ Mansur and DJ China and the most important thing by draw Nokia 6500 classik.



Toro Steakhouse
  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:Park "Ataturk"
Cafe del Mar
  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:Sea Breeze
Nargile tea club
  • Kitchen:European
  • Address:3, T.Xalilbeyli str.
The Albion Club & Concert Hall
  • Kitchen:International
  • Address:
La Senza
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:F.Kh.Khoyski ave. (Ganjlik Mall, 2nd floor)
Pink accessories
  • Kitchen:
  • Address:8, M. Rasulzade str.