Poster Theatre
Athenian Timon

In Athenes there lives aristocrat Timon. It is famous for the good nature and kindness. Visitors never leave its empty-handed house: who with a brilliant, who with a horse, who with 3-5 talents of silver. Тimon considers that does people happy.

The new Bride

Today on motive of a comedy of U.Gadzhibekova "The husband and the Wife" at the State Theatre of Youth will be put 2-akt performance under the name "The New Bride".

"Sou perisi" ("Mermaid").

The author of performance "Sou perisi" ("Mermaid") is writer-playwright F.Mustafaev. Director Rahman Alizade dramatized the given performance under a comedy genre.

Performance "Desire" Tram"

Not so young, but still attractive Blansh Dubua comes to New Orleans to the pregnant sister Stelle, living with husband Stanley in local slums. Blansh informs sister that she is ruined, has left her work and she have no place to live.

Performance "The Gull"

The play written in the small wing by great russian writer A. P. Chekhov. It is the play and about people of art, about creativity torments, about uneasy, young artists and about the is self-satisfied-full senior generation protecting won positions. It is the play and about love, about not divided feeling, about mutual misunderstanding of people, severe disorder of personal destinies. At last, it is the play and about painful searches of true meaning of the life, "the general idea", the existence purpose, "certain outlook", without which life - "continuous drudgery, horror".

Performance "The Nutcracker"

"The Nutcracker" - the fine fairy tale full of deep sense, is very interesting both to children, and adults. "Nutcracker" - the most popular Christmas fairy tale in the world, favourite for many generations. 

I am, Magommed Fizuli (Afgan)

The "Yug" theatre will open the new season with performance "I am, Magommed Fizuli" on motives of products of the great poet of the Azerbaijan people - Magommed Fizuli. 

The Squeak

This performance is another step in development Theatre’s own theory, titled as PSYCHOSOPHY represents new opportunities in theatre field, particularly in artistic technique.
The play is based on the story of Franz Kafka  "Josephine the singer, or the mouse folk" (1924). The theatre always is very interested in researching of creative activity and life experience of famous writer and has got its own viewpoint to his works. The Squeak performance is some kind of this point of view and touches very important themes.

Performance "Arshin Mal Alan"

Theatre of the Musical Comedy will present performance "Arshin Mal Alan" of Uzeir Gadzhibekov. In performance are occupied: Farid Aliev, Anar Shushaly, Hanum Gafarova, Ulvija Alieva, Nargiz Kerimova.

Poetry night of Nigar Gasanzade

For the first time with tours on a scene of Russian Dramatic Matichesky Theatre known Azerbaijan poetess Nigar Gasanzade. Expected evening of pathetic poetry and light music.

Heydar Aliyev and our museums

In a museum of a name of N.Narimanova will pass action devoted to memory of the national leader of Heydar Aliyev. We will note that Heydar Aliyev was the head of KGB at Ministerial council of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic, 1st secretary of Central Committee KP of Azerbaijan, a member of the Political bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU (November 1982), the first deputy of chairman of the council Ministrov of the USSR.

The Performance "Fizuli and Esmer"

At theatre of the Song of a name Rashid Behbutov, in representation of the Academic Drama Theatre, will take place performance statement under the name  "Fizuli and Esmer". Performance is put on the basis of the product of Mir-Mehti Seidzade with the same name which basis of a plot is the story about love.

The performance "The gulf"

In East Anatolian mountains eternal danger of formation of an avalanche. People mountains living at a foot have not possibilities to express what or emotions it is loud and are compelled to talk in a whisper, and 9 months they live in fear before elements. And only the hottest 3 months in a year they can express the feelings to the full...

Performance "Aydin"

On a scene of Theatre of the Young Spectator will take place the premiere of performance "Ajdyn". The hero of performance is Aydyn and its young wife Gyultekin live very happily, despite the monstrous poverty. What feeds their pure feelings? Certainly, riches of their own inner world, that world which strongly contrasts with the capital of Devlet Bek and his wives Beyukhanym.

Performance "The story about a bear - winner of robbers"

Events in performance are developed against the Azerbaijan village of the beginning of 19th century. Young Bajram and Perizad love each other. She is from rich, and He is from a poor family. However uncle Perizad betroth her with his son Tarverdi, for not to let  the riches of a family come over to the side. Angered Bajram organises a crime and substitutes Tarverdi, after then the last catchs and puts in prison. Thus reunites two enamoured.

"Little Red Hood"

In a fairy tale told about the little girl, who have a red hat, for what she have nicknamed Little Red Hood. Once her mum has ask the girl to carry pies to the grandmother. In wood the Little Red Hood has met the Wolf who learns from the girl where her grandmother lives. 

"Dead mens" Play

The plot of the play "Dead mens" is reduced to the following. Inhabitants of small dozing small town where the life proceeds according to eternal laws and representations, learn about a miracle: Kerbalaj-Fatulla, died in Meshed where it has gone the pilgrim, - has revived...

Performance "Xurshidbanu Natavan"

State Academic Theatre will present on the scene of Musical Comedy Theatre performance "Hurshidbanu Natavan", on the product of Ilyas Efendiev. In the play the life and creativity of known poetess Hurshid-banu Natavan, the daughter of last Karabakh khan Mehtikulihan is shown.

The ballet «Swan lake»

On a scene of the Azerbaijan Opera and ballet theatre P.I.Tchaikovsky ballet "Swan lake" will take place. 

The Performance "Blast you!"

On a scene of theatre YUG will take place performance statement "Blast you!". Performance, is original in own way. At the heart of mono-performance mystical events, tragedy of the person lost meaning in a life, its problems and experience.