Poster Theatre
The Performance "Morozko"

This musical, magnificent performance, is put on motives of Russian national fairy tale. Once upon a time there was lived kind girl Nastenka. Her malicious stepmother forced she to work. Once she has decided to get rid of the stepdaughter and has sent that to freeze in winter wood.

«Search for the partner for infrequent meetings»

On Theatre Ibrus scene the performance statement on the product of Rustama Ibragimbekova with the same name «Search for the partner for infrequent meetings», known also under the name "Search for the man for rare meetings". We will notice that the play in a tragicomedy genre staged theatre since 2003, to this day has not lost an urgency.

The Performance "Similar to a lion"

Performance under the name "Similar to a lion" dramatize at Theatre Ibrus. The given lyrical drama will be put on the product with the same name, the national writer, the Winner of the state awards of Azerbaijan and Russia, Rustam Ibragimbekov.

"Dreams are comes true!"

It is performance - not simply story about fantastic events with what theatre everyday life in practice turns around, for the inexplicable reasons doing actors fans, practically hostages of the remarkable trade, and spectators - habitues of this temple.

The performance "Ardent Gascon"

On a scene of Theatre of the Musical Comedy of a name of Shihali Kurbanov will take place a performance "Ardent Gascon". It is a romantic musical comedy, narrates about ardent love of the Gascon, and about its warm experiences.

"Shah Ismail"

On the scene of the Opera and ballet statement  will take place an opera of Muslima Magomayev "Shah Ismail". In an opera opens nuances of a life and creativity of the legendary person, the founder of a dynasty Sefevidov, Shah Ismail Hatai. We will notice that during the government Safavitsky empire Shah Ismail declared the Azerbaijan language state.

"Has received the share, call uncle"

On a scene of Theatre of the Musical Comedy statement of a musical comedy on product of Anara and V.Adygezalova will take place - "Has received the share, call uncle".

"Kesa and Morito" performance

On a scene of Pantomime Theatre performance "Kesa and Morito" will take place. Performance is put on the stage by the product of A.Runoske with the same name.

The Performance "Vy"

Vy — in East slavic mythology — the spirit bearing death. Having huge eyes with heavy centuries, Vy kills the sight. In Ukrainian language — the terrible old man with eyebrows and centuries to the earth. Vy cannot see anything in itself but if it will be possible to several athletes to lift to it eyebrows and eyelids iron  then it can be concealed nothing before its terrible look: a sight Vy kills people, destroys and incinerates cities and villages.

Opera "The Clowns"

Clowns (ital. I Pagliacci) — opera in two parts with a prologue of Italian composer R. Leonkavallo. At the heart of a plot – story about love and revenge.

Opera "Ashyg Garib"

On an opera and ballet theatre scene will take place statement of an opera of the honoured worker of art of Zulfugar Gadzhibekov of "Ashyg Garib".

Opera "Natavan"

On the Opera and ballet theatre scene will take place opera "Natavan" on music of great composer Vasif Adygezalov. Opera tells about a life and creativity of legendary Azerbaijan poetess Hurshid-banu Natavan, the daughter of last Karabakh khan Mehtikulu.

Ballet "Love and Death"

On the Opera and ballet theatre scene will take place ballet statement  "Love and Death" on Polad Bjulbjulogli music.

Memories the victim

On January, 16th in a house museum of Dzhafara Dzhabbarly, will pass action devoted to events on January, 20th, 1990. On action will be почтена memory the victim for the native land, it is expected as participation of the head of the organisation of a society of children of "Ajtam", and also pupils of 49th, 239th and 160th school.

Memory evening of Yusif Talibzade

Museum of a name Abdulla Shaiga carries out action devoted to events on January, 20th, 1990, and as memories of the big brother of the poet, the political figure who has devoted the life to the native land and the people, Jusif Zija Talybzade.

Love lives still

On January, 24th, on a scene of Theatre of Songs of a name of Rashida Behbutova, in representation of Theatre of Youth will take place the premiere of performance of Hidayat Orudzhev "Love lives still".

The performance "Tartuffe Agaevich"

On the scene of  "Ibrus" theatre, will take place the premiere of performance of Rustam Ibragimbekov - "Tartuffe Agaevich". Performance is the Azerbaijan variant of a comedy of Jean Batist Moliere. 

Performance "Snakeskin"

In the end of February theatre "YUG" will present to spectators performance "Snakeskin" of the Serbian playwright of Slobadan Schneider. "Snakeskin" is devoted drama events of the end of the XX-th century on the Balkans. The war which suddenly has transformed kind neighbours in enemies – here its basic theme. Performance is put by young director Mikail Mikailov. In roles: Yagut Pashazade, Mamed Safa, Matanet Abbasova, Farhad Israfilov, Sain Gahraman, Jusif Novruzov and others.

Opera "Arshin mal alan"

On customs of the East fiance can see the person of the intended when already will change nothing also reverse motion is not present. And so the young merchant, decided to marry, has given out itself for simple street trader if only to see the person of the future wife...

Ballet statement "Kindly and Harm"

On the Opera and ballet theatre scene, ballet statement "Heyir ve Shyar" ("Kindly and Harm"), on motives of the product of Nizami Gjandzhevi with the same name and on music of Tofika Bakihanova will take place. Performance about that as Good even in waterless desert continues to create good while Harm answers it with harm.




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