Poster Exhibitions
Colorful culture

In connection with the holiday "Colorful culture", which will be celebrated on May 21, from 8 May, including the French Cultural Center held a photo exhibition collections "France 2008" culturesfrance.

Exhibition of an sculptor and painter

The well-known Azerbaijan artists, sculptor Kaziev Arif and Anvar Garayev exhibition will take place. Arif Gaziyev introduce a number of his sculptures and paintings, as Garayev Anwar painting, graphics and decorative art. Exhibition openning at 17:00.

Festival of the German Jazz in Baku

During of a  Week of Germany in Baku, embassy of Germany in Azerbaijan will organise «Festival of the German Jazz in Baku» which will pass on May, 14th-16. The most well-known German jazzmen will take part in festival. During festival will pass seminars, master classes, jam sessions, concerts, photo-exhibition.

Photo-exhibition, dedicated to ecology theme

The Baku Center of Arts invites you to photo  exhibition, which is opening on May, 14th. Here will be presented different photoworks with various tours of Club of Green Bicyclists. The exhibition will pass under the ecological motto "We will keep Azerbaijan clean".

Exhibition of Den Barmas

On 30th May, will take place an opening of an exhibition of works of known Iranian photographer Den Barmas . The exhibition of the photographer under the name "Outside of frameworks" will pass in a building of "Kapellhaus" and will last two days.

Exhibition of painter Mahar Sahiboglu

On May, 24th at 13:00 opening of a personal exhibition of  young , gifted artist Mahar Sahiboglu with romantic name "Dreams come true" will take place. Its original manner of painting, realistic, and at the same time very gentle picture really were important event in a cultural life of Azerbaijan.

The action «Night of museums»

The Baku museums will be connected to the international action «Night of museums», on May, 16th,  dated for the World day of museums. In each of museums of visitors the special program - concerts, the performances, unusual excursions, the quizes, the dramatized performances and competitions waits.

Exhibition devoted to memory of Namik Zeynalov

In the Baku Center of Arts an exhibition devoted to memory of Honored worker of culture, the outstanding artist and sculptor Namik Zeynalov will pass . Its works were exposed in France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Czechia, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Austria. It also was the author of a sculpture "Dede Gorgud" in Bruxelles.

15th Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food-processing industry"

Dear Ladies and gentlemen! We invite you to an official opening ceremony of 15th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Exhibition "Food Industry" which will take place on May, 25th, 2009 in 11:00 mornings in sports-expo centre named after Haydar Aliev. The exhibition is organised by the British exhibition company ITE Group PLC in partnership with Commercial and industrial Chamber of the Azerbaijan Republic.

The summer exposition

Dear citizens and visitors of our city, we invite all of you, to visit our summer exposition of painting, a drawing and a sculpture where will be presented works of  Ali Shamsi (painting), Arif Amirov (painting, a drawing), Guseyn Hagverdi (a drawing, painting, a sculpture) and other authors of unique works.

Exhibition "Together"

In exhibition salon of the Union of artists the joint exhibition of German and Azerbaijan artists will take place. Works of Ully Vindhejzer-Shvarts, Raphael Muradly, Gusejn Hagverdi, Rashid Ismail will be presented.

Personal exhibition of Milaim Kasumova

In one of fashionable exhibition salons of Baku, the personal exhibition of art designer Milaim Kasumova will take place. Really shaking, faultless and not having analogues,handworks female accessories and painting will be presented at an exhibition.

16th International Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition Incorporating Refining and Petrochemicals

The largest oil and gas exhibition and conference in the Caspian region, ‘Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition Incorporating Refining and Petrochemicals’ will take place from 2nd to 5th June in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku. Traditionally, this annual oil forum will bring together under one roof representatives of the world’s leading energy powers. Ministers from 30 countries, including among others Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, the USA, Turkmenistan, France and Japan, have been invited to attend the exhibition and conference.


Exhibition, devoted to year of a child

In  gallery "Absheron"  the exhibition of 6-year-old Faradzh Faradzhev will open. It is its first personal exhibition and it is devoted year of the child. At an exhibition will be presented over 50 works from the series  graphic arts and painting.

Days of Culture of the State Qatar

Within the limits of Days of Culture of the State Qatar in Azerbaijan, in our capital will pass different actions. Opening ceremony will pass in the Museum centre at 16:00, also the exhibition of  applied art which will pass on 4 floor will be presented, and after it display of the film devoted to the state Qatar (2nd floor) will take place.

Exhibition of young painters

In the Museum Center at support of Ministry of the Youth and Sports will pass an exhibition of works of three talented young painters: Halima Aleskerova, Nahid Vahabov, Farid Bajramov.

The exhibition of Ilhama Gasanova

In Tsetre Frantsusky Culture there will pass a personal exhibition of Ilhama Gasanova. At an exhibition will be presented the best works of the sculptor. We will notice that works in basic are cut out from a tree.

Exhibition of Natavan Fashion Studio

Yeni Gallery and Natavan Fashion Studio with big pleasure invites you to exhibition on which magnificent toilets for evening actions and solemn event will be presented. Natavan Fashion Studio suggest you to plunge into the fashion and glamour world, guarantees qualitative tailoring of products, unlimited ideas and individual approach. The exhibition will last week.

Exhibition «Baku Spaces no 5»

In the state academy of arts opening of an exhibition of the German figure of arts of Mark Shmit – «Baku Spaces no 5» will take place. At an exhibition works on installation will be shown. The exhibition will be opened from 11:00 till 16:00 and will last till July, 1st.

Personal exhibition of Mamedova Tarana

On June, 18th in the Showroom of the Union of Artists the personal exhibition Mamedova Tarana will take place. There will be presented about 40 works, among which drawing and painting. The exhibition will last week.



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